Happy New Year!

For many people, 2016 was a shit of a year. A year of Trump’s narcissistic shenanigans, the rise of the alt-right, Brexit, Standing Rock and The Collector of Souls turned spiteful and came for too many of most beloved heroes.

So we’ve made a New Year’s video to say goodbye to this pretty-shitty year and see in a brighter, better one.

The three-minute video is crammed with Easter Eggs, from Mr Robot and memorable events from 2016 and those cheeky monkeys at F_Society have seemingly hacked and taken control of Times Square’s electronic billboards!

Watch the video, then we’ll run you through the Easter Eggs… (like this E Corp logo we added)

The music is Lorde’s cover of Tear for Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

Okay, Easter Eggs… here we go:

Legendary Canadian muso, Leonard Cohen’s most famous song, “Hallelujah” gets a mention:

New Year - Leonard Cohen

And F_Society took over the airwaves replacing USA #MrRobot with their own message (bottom left)

New Year - Angela

We hid a purple Prince symbol on this billboard in tribute to the musical genius.

New Year - Prince

And David Bowie is looking down from up on high, like the god he is…

New Year - Bowie

Did you spot Princess Leia’s hologram as the fireworks went off and R2D2 beeped his last goodbye… in memory of Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker the man inside Artoo.

New Year - Leia

Behind Mr Robot, the #NoDAPL hashtag appears in honor of the Standing Rock water protectors – protesters and veterans joined forces with many from the First Nations to win a victory against a militarised police force… and saved ancient lands and our future. For now.

New Year - NoDAPL

Of course, there are numerous refs to Donald Trump, but did you spot the Kubrickian subliminal message that F_Society must’ve inserted (it wasn’t me, honest!) They are such cheeky little pranksters!

New Year - Fuck Trump

Then, of course, they also hacked the billboards as Elliot walked across an empty Times Square with their cheeky “Fuck Off 2016” message.

We think F_Society must stand for “Folk Society” and they made a typo when first writing their name. And that they’re having a “Folk Off, 2016” a more folky, less Cuntry and Western version of a hoedown, but while we don’t like fucking swearing or derogatory words like hoe, Mr Robot Hacks is inclined to agree…

Folk Off, 2016.

Good Riddance.

Welcome, 2017!

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Have a great night, look after yourselves out there and Happy New Year!

We’ll see you very soon.