Okay, okay, I can’t add up but 27th October might as well be Hallowe’en as that’s the date Stranger Things Season 2 lands on Netflix.

Here’s the final trailer before we cross to The Upside Down.

A host of new characters are joining Will, Darcy, Mike and Lucas and the trailer proves what we were pretty sure of – the fact that Eleven is back and she’s very, very different. That’s what a diet of frozen waffles does to you!

And if a Stephen King-type science corporation conspiracy, Spielbergian kids’ on BMX’s story and a brand new monster aren’t Hallowe’eny enough for you, there’s Trick or Treating, Reagan and Bush signs, the kids dressed as Ghostbusters and the most recognisable score since John Carpenter’s electro geniusness.

Stranger Things. 27th October. That is all.