I’ve written extensively about season 3A of Fear The Walking Dead, often stating that the spin-off has usurped its big brother, The Walking Dead – which finally seems to have cottoned on to the fact it was getting boring as hell!

The trailer for Season 3B continues to show more of the human story we’ve been treated to, as well as some more zombies – which were sometimes the only thing lacking. With Jeremiah out of the way, Walker and his crew of native Americans seem to have homogenised quite well into The Otto Ranch but, even with talk of inter-racial relationships making everyone the same one generation down the line, I can’t see the two groups playing happy families.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 19.02.17.jpg

This half season expertly showed Madison’s dark side and the lengths she would go to to protect her family but the character who interests me the most is Nick. In addition to all that pent-up angst that comes with being an ex-junkie, season two clearly showed he had some psychic connection to the undead.

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I’m excited to see if that was the catalyst for the writers’ room choosing this large Native American land storyline and whether he loses it completely and quite literally goes off the reservation.

I really, really Hopi so!

The only other remaining question is Kim Dickens, will you marry me?

Fear The Walking Dead is back in September for six weeks (if the first and last are double eps) before The Walking Dead returns in October.