After last week’s episode ended on a huge cliffhanger, what does Fargo’s penultimate episode have in store?

After Nikki and Mr Wrench became defiant ones for a forest-chase and possible visit to heaven, the second half of S03E08 saw Varga poison Sy, placing him in a near three month coma.

“Who Rules the Land of Denial’s” epilogue showed that Emmit had finally had enough of VArga’s murderous games and ended with him wandering into Gloria Burgle’s cop shop to make a confession…

One of the biggest questions, for me is who is gaslighting Emmit?

Is Varga the one who replaced Emmit’s office pictures with 2 cent stamps?

Personally, I think it was Nikki who, as Varga states, “if she was sensible should have fled to Canada”.

Here’s hopin’ our new hero somehow walks off with all of Varga’s money.

“Aporia” was written by showrunner Noah Hawley with Bob DeLaurentis and directed by Keith Gordon (The Leftovers)

Fargo S03E09 lands Wednesday, 14th June on FX.