A week before the season one finalé, ABC has today announced Designated Survivor S02 – the Kiefer Sutherland vehicle that finally saw him bury the ghost of Jack Bauer. If ghosts can be buried, that is.

The series, about low-level Housing and Urban Development politician Tom Kirkman, who has the presidency thrust upon him when he is the only survivor of a terrorist attack that kills 900 senators, started incredibly strongly. But after its Christmas hiatus, as the plot should have been thickening, ideas came to dead-ends and political intrigue was seemingly replaced by confusion in the Writers’ Room.

This was never more evident than when Peter MacLeish – main antagonist, mastermind of the terrorist plot and (bizarre choice for) Vice President was inexplicably shot dead by his wife… who then turned the gun on herself.

Talk about a writer’s cul-de-sac! I guess brand new directions are to be expected with three showrunners in one season and a fourth joining as The Good Wife’s Keith Eisner takes over showrunning duties for Designated Survivor S02.

I described Designated Survivor as a cross between 24 and West Wing, unfortunately, it relied too much on the latter (without Sorkin’s skills) and ended up not knowing if it was love-story, spy thriller or legal drama.

I kept up with about 16 episodes but gave up on the show after instead of Jack Bauer kicking down doors and taking names, one episode consisted of a fifteen minute Q&A session. I will revisit at some point.

The first season finale airs on ABC on Wednesday, May 17 at 10pm while Designated Survivor S02 will probably drop in the fall.

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