Just an hour ago, Netflix released the first full trailer for this summer’s The Defenders and the Marvel franchise looks back to its best after the crock of shit that was Iron Fist


Hold on to your couchpotatoes, we’re going for a ride!

Heroes Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage are joined by petulant frat-boy slash immortal Danny Rand and lead by Matt Murdock’s ass-kicking blind guru “Stix” on on rip-roaring trailer with plenty of fun introductions, ass-kicking and set to a rocking version of Nirvana’s Come As You Are.

Detective Misty Knight and the ubiquitous Claire Temple are also back to help the newly-formed team, as is Elektra… back from the dead! Frank Castle should also feature before his own spin-off but while we know Misty and The Night Nurse’s allegiances lie, the same can’t be said for Elektra and The Punisher!

The Defenders Help

75-year-old acting maestro Scott Glenn from The Leftovers narrates the trailer so I’m hoping he features heavily in the series, after making his appearance in the 100% perfect Daredevil S01E07 called “Stix”

Together, they will take on The Hand, lead by Sigourney Weaver in what promises to be Marvel’s second (somewhat smaller scale) Battle of New York.


Of course, trailers never tell the full story, but these two-and-a-half minutes have already gone a long way towards repairing my faith.

The Defenders

Three of these kids are doing the same thing. One of these kids is kinda lame.

There seems to be a certain comic book PZAZZ! back that was missing from the insipid latest outing. Some repartee between charismatic characters instead of out-of-their-depth actors humiliating the whole of the television industry.

So long as they keep Danny Rand and his glowing fist away from me and they don’t spend too long in office blocks, I’ll be happy.

Just in case I haven’t enunciated this before, everyone involved in Iron Fist should be ashamed of their amateurish work on that series. Luckily there is only one season, if there were more, the collective noun would be an embarrassment of Iron Fists.

The Defenders lands August 18th on Netflix.