When the superstar magician at the heart of Deception S01E01 has his career ruined by scandal, where does he practice his art of trickery, influence, and illusion?

At the FBI… of fucking course!

Cameron Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott) helps the government catch the world’s most elusive criminals by staging the biggest illusions of his career.

deception s01e01 2.jpg


Alongside his behind-the-scenes team (Lenora Crichlow, Justin Chon and Vinnie Jones), Cameron teams up with FBI Agent Kay Daniels (Ilfenesh Hadera) both to assist The Feds, but also to track down the mysterious illusionist who played a role in his downfall.

High-functioning sociopaths (Sherlock, Hannibal) novelists (Castle) and mesmerists (The Mentalist) buddying up with cops to investigate crimes I can believe, but David Blaine, David Copperfield or Dynamo… c’mon!

Who thinks this shit up? Chris Fedak (Chuck) and illusionist David Kwong (Now You See Me), that’s who.

Deception looks and sounds like a high-octane blast but will its internal logic hold water or will it be an impossible, implausible mess? Will the stories and crimes be as outlandish as the show’s premise? Say yes, Paul.

Personally, I’m plumping for the latter, any series that casts Vinnie Jones has gotta be a) absolutely ridiculous and b) could become that awful, addictive, secret guilty pleasure.

Deception debuts Sunday at 10 p.m. Easters on ABC.