In another world, similar to ours, the new Starz series Counterpart does not exist and the only reason for its existence in our our world is only due to some serious sci-fi sychronicity shit – the type worthy of a TV show about a parallel dimension!

Writer and exec producer Justin Marks was late for a dentist appointment in Los Angeles…

“If I hadn’t tried to jaywalk in Beverly Hills this show wouldn’t exist,” The Jungle Book screenwriter told Rotten Tomatoes.

“I’m already late. And I’m trying to get through a crosswalk before the light changes and a car is also trying to get through the light before it changes. And I end up stopping right in front of [the car], against the passenger side window. And I’m looking and I’m like, Jordan?”


Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be…

The driver of the car was La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz.

Ok, tiny synchronicity insomuch as Justin bumped into a Hollywood producer, but read on…

Marks and Horowitz grew up together and were even both in the same band back in the day. But as college loomed, they lost touch. Marks eventually moved to Los Angeles to begin a screenwriting career, while Horowitz entered the New York indie film scene.

The two old friends reconnected as Horowitz gave Marks a lift to the dentist; had either man not tried to beat the light, they would have missed each other, and Counterpart, the series about parallel universes which debuted with a special preview of the pilot episode this weekend, might not exist.

And still you don’t believe the universe is working for you!

Counterpart is availalable to download but episode 2 doesn’t land until 28th January.