With the rumor-mill over at the BBC all but confirming the next Doctor, couchpotato asks if Peter Capaldi, The Twelfth Doctor (or Thirteenth, depending on who you ask) might be joined by David Bradley as The First Doctor.

The Game of Thrones actor played William Hartnell to a tee in the excellent, Mark Gatiss-penned BBC drama An Adventure in Space and Time and looks set to reprise the role for the 2017 Christmas Special.

So long as it’s better than last year’s childish fart, we’ll be happy.

So here’s some background…

Remember in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day of The Doctor when Matt Smith teamed up with David Tennant and John Hurt?

Well, there was a glorious sequence when all Doctors, past, present and future teamed up to freeze time and save Gallifrey.

Capaldi's Swansong

In and around that momentous wide shot, we got to see a sneak peek of Capaldi’s Time Lord face for the first time, and ever since, showrunner Stephen Moffat has been hinting he may revisit The Day of the Doctor to tell the story from The 13th Doctor’s perspective, and all power to that idea. Yeah, it may get confusing but it’s a show about timey-wimey, so bring it on, I say!


Moffat is handing showrunning duties over to Broadchurch, Torchwood and Life on Mars (UK) scribe Chris Chibnall at the end of this tenth season and will surely want to leave on a high when he and his Scottish compatriot Capaldi bid farewell in the Christmas 2017 Special.

And what better way to bring things full circle than alongside the brilliant David Bradley?

Tha fact that Bradley also appeared in Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch makes it even more circular… and proves it is a small universe, after all.