Neil DeGrasse Tyson is hopping back aboard his silver spaceship to bring us a second seeason of his acclaimed science and philosophy docuseries, this time subtitled Cosmos: Possible Worlds.

Here’s the tease:

Heavily influenced by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Journey, DeGrasse Tyson’s first season, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey was one of my favourite shows of 2014, and I’m stoked his team will be bringing the topics of quantum physics, philosophy, metaphysics and storytelling to our screens once more.

Neil’s intelligence, level-headedness and focus on hope is exactly what this crazy world needs.


Cosmos: Possible Worlds will be executive produced by Seth McFarlane and Ann Druyan, who is Sagan’s widow and a writer on the original Cosmos.

The only pessimistic thing amongst all this hope is that we’ll have to wait until Spring 2019 for Cosmos: Possible Worlds to hit Fox and Nat Geo.