“Captain’s log, stardate 422315.8. Our destination is the edge of Federation space near the planet Kronos…”

Might Star Trek: Discovery begin with similar captain’s log entry when it begins in one week’s time? Of course, there have been many iterations of Star Trek over the years but this one has me the most excited.


While The Next Generation has a special place in all our hearts and the Dominion War in Deep Space Nine was epic, only The Original Series truly cuts the mustard for me and Discovery looks like a return to form.

It could be the advance in television making since 2005’s Enterprise – only twelve years ago, but everything from the introduction of HD cameras, visual effects and auteur storytelling have completely changed in that time.


It could be the great cast and crew that’s been assembled and the fact that visionary Bryan Fuller (though he had to leave due to other commitments) created the project alongside Alex Kurtzman and a host of self-proclaimed Star Trek fans.

It could even be that today’s post-Trump, post-Truth environment is the right time to resurrect the classic show. Sci-fi is one of the best homes for political and moral allegory and now the right is on the rise again (for civil war surely looms) and a new-look Klingon species will serve as metaphor for the state of America and the world.


Personally, I think Star Trek: Discovery is going to work as a mix of all these reasons, and while I’m incredibly excited, I am aware that I must also manage my expections to avoid disappointment.

Star Trek: Discovery lands next Sunday, 24th Spetember on CBS.