It may only be the fifth of October, but my old haunting ground, Channel Four Television have ordered a series based on Alan Moore’s other best work, V for Vendetta, which he bizarrely wrote with gym owner David Lloyd. Oh, wrong David Lloyd.

The 2005 film directed by the Wachowski sisters and starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving is a cracking romp and coiuld have attained much higher regard if it weren’t for huge problems with our protagonists who share a huge amount of screen time.

Natalie Portman tries her hardest, but while sometimes it’s pitch perfect, trying to nail an English accent, with obvious on-set coaching detracts from her performance. An Englishwoman should have been cast as Evie

The other problem is that, due to V’s omnipresent mask, Hugo Weaving’s dialogue was all ADR. It’s such a shame, as if these two problems were fixed in pre-production, the end result would have been much improved.

While only 12 years old, it also seems very dated and therefore is in need of a new adaptation. Channel 4 is the perfect home for this Orwellian dystopia and they are searching for US writers – which suggests an Anglo-American co-production with anyone but Netflix – the story is as quintessentially English as you can get, so I’d love to see British actors and a mix of British and American writers.

Damon Lindelof is, of course, already signed up to HBO to showrun Alan Moore’s Watchmen and although I love the man enough to have his babies, Lindelof wouldn’t be a good fit – he’s just not political. Watchmen is far more suited to his cosmic, navel-gazing spiritual philosophising.


With V4V’s political message, propoganda imagery, and viva la révolution heart, Mr Robot’s Sam Esmail would absolutely nail V for Vendetta, but is obvioulsy contracted to more seasons of the cybercrime thriller with USA Network. Esmail is obviously a fan of the graphic novel and movie – his F-Society mask clearly riffing off the Guy Fawkes mask – so could Big Sam be tempted?

If not, I might have to apply…

I’m already in character and Ginger could easily play the Natalie Portman role.

V for Vendetta better bloody be greenlit, or I’ll be starting a very English revolution of my own.