Writer and producer Bryan Fuller exits Amazing Stories is the front-page news coming outta Hollywood. While it’s a shame, it’s hardly surprising news, given that the showrunner also left two other shows in the past year.

Based on Steven Spielberg’s original 1980’s series and the 1950’s comic books, Fuller was first attached to Amazing Stories at NBC in October 2015. That was before the project moved over to Apple Studios, who greenlit the show for a ten-episode run.


bryan fuller exits amazing stories 3

Bryan was showrunning and exec producing alongside Spielberg (and Amblin Television’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank) but left the project citing “creative differences.” His co-producer, Bones creator Hart Hanson, has also exited the anthology and Apple and producers Universal Television are now searching for a showrunner.

The news comes not so long after Fuller and his former co-showrunner, Michael Green were fired from American Gods after a budget dispute. The pair apparently wanted a production budget of $9 million per episode but Starz’ couldn’t stretch to that and have instead hired Jesse Alexander. If you recognise the name, Alexander worked with Fuller as staff writer and producer on Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery.

Bryan Fuller Leaves Amazing Stories 2

Speaking of which, was also asked to step down from Star Trek: Discovery by CBS in 2016. The incident came after what he said were issues with their budget, casting and more.

With Pushing Daisies and one of my favourite ever shows, Hannibal under his belt, Fuller’s talent is undeniable but how many shows can a showrunner turn leave before people start not hiring them? Or, in other words, how long before the industry has their fill of Fuller?