Morning Sheeple! Yes, you’re quite right, that is Jesse P. Lemons in a captain’s uniform on the bridge of a Starfleet-looking set. But the Friday Night LightsBreaking Bad and Fargo star hasn’t signed up for Star Trek: Discovery – that’s the U.S.S. Callista from season four of Black Mirror.

And that can mean only one thing: The season four of Charlie Brooker’s genius sci-fi anthology trailer is here.


I can’t imagine Black Mirror season four warp-factoring to the 23rd century nor descending to the the depths of tired, unfunny and frankly unessecary Star Trek parody, so am imagining Brooker has found a way to incorporate it. Knowing his work, I imagine it will be some kinda VR headset/holodeck.

Since we’re not Slashfilm, we ain’t gonna list the episode titles because you’ve just friggin’ watched this video. Instead shall download some new, relevant information to your sci-fi-addled brain thinkers, like post football match tactical insight.

With that bombshell, I’ve just realised couchpotato is the Match of the Day and I’m the Gary Lineker of TV reviews.

Black Museum is based on magician Penn Jillette’s short story, The Pain Addict and features a device that allows doctors to feel the pain of their patients, Arkangel was directed by Jodie “The Beaver” Foster.


Metalhead stars Maxine Peake (Three Girls) and was directed by Hannibal and American Gods alum David Slade. Brooker wrote every episode save for USS Callister which he co-wrote with William “SuperBob” Bridges

So, instead of a list, here’s Mr Konnie Huq himself speaking to the Radio Times about Season Four:

While the auteur says he doesn’t wish to see his technological nightmares come true, the way his writing always treats multi-ethnic characters as equals is the correct, progressive component of sci-fi that helps course correct the future for the better. Well done, Charlie.

Brooker first came to my attention for his hilarious TV review column Screen Burn within the hallowed pages of The Guardian’s The Guide from the millennium onwards. It was intelligent and ascerbic; something I could imagine doing and went on to become Zeppotron’s Screen Wipe and Weekly Wipe for the BBC.


With his foot in the TV door with his TV Burp for intellectuals, he went on to prove himself not only as a satirist but a killer fiction writer with the brilliant zombie Big Brother parody, Dead Set. The reality TV zeitgeist might be long gone but, if you haven’t seen it, watch it this instant – tonally it’s a work of genius.

Now, nearly two decades since his TV reviews, Brooker is (deservedly) the darling of the television and sci-fi worlds while I’m sitting here in my pants, not married to Konnie Huq, not visiting the upcoming Channel Five reality series, Konnie Huq’s Fuck Truck and writing my own version of Screen Burn on 12.5% of his talent.

While there’s no official release date for Black Mirror Season Four, we imagine The USS Callista et al will be docking with Netflix later this year or in early 2018.