It was 50 years ago that Star Trek’s very first episode, “The Man Trap” aired on September 8th, 1966.

The world has changed beyond recognition in that time,¬†and Star Trek played its part; from the oft-cited first interracial TV kiss (it wasn’t but I’m not gonna argue!) to the shape of technology. I’m certain we wouldn’t have had flip phones without tricorders.

One thing taht hasn’t changed betweem 1966, present day and Stardate 1513.1 (the first entry in Kirk’s Captain’s Log) is that women are little minxes.

Here’s the opening from “The Man Trap” and the first time we The Enterprise and a very young William Shatner.

Birthdays may be illogical, but here’s to fifty more glorious years of Star Trek.

Thank you Mr Roddenberry.