After taking a week off for Memorial Day, Better Caul Saul is back with an unscheduled slip for Jimmy McGill.

The promo does exactly what I hope it says on the tin, as the ante-penultimate episode of Season 3 hopefully continues expertly weaving the unconnected storylines into one beautiful tapestry.

Here we see Kim exchanging words with HHM’s Howard Hamlin, Nacho turning pharmacologist to (probably) put Hector in a wheelchair, Charles going shopping and a guest appearance from Gus Fring while show-stealer Mike Ehrmantraut takes a trip into the New Mexico desert… with a shovel.

Fear not though, Mike seems to have a metal detector with him which suggests he’s loking for something, not burying someone!

“Slip” was penned by yet another writer to make the jump from¬†writer’s room assistant to fully-fledged writer, Heather Marion. It was directed by Adam Bernstein.

Better Call Saul S03E08 “Slip” lands Monday 6th June on AMC