Better Call Saul S04 news has arrived from the ether, and it will leave you cold, shivering, naked and digging your own grave in the New Mexico desert.

The good news, as evidenced in a Tweet from co-creator Peter Gould, is that filming on Better Call Saul S04 is underway:

The clapperboard confirms that Brit Minkie Spiro (Jessica Jones, Downton Abbey, Skins) is helming episode one, while DOP Marshall Adams (Grimm, Gods and Monsters) is back to steer the show’s gorgeous cinematography.

All present and correct then? All ship-shape and Alberquerque fashion?

Hell no! I was expecting season four in April, just like last year and now it’s looking likely that we won’t find out what happened to Charles S. McGill until the autumn, so I’m driving out into the desert with a shovel in hand. (Okay, not while I’m driving, that would be dangerous.)


It seems likely that Jimmy’s brother, Chuck died in the fire at the end of a spectacular S03, meaning Better Call Saul S04 will have to make do without its cornerstone – the relationship between the two warring brothers.

Whether Chuck’s death will go on to haunt Jimmy in a Hamlet’s ghost type way remains to be seen, but it could be the catalyst that sends him on the path to becoming Saul Goodman, “Criminal Lawyer”


No Better Call Saul S04 release date has been mentioned by AMC (or Netflix) but if filming has only just begun, it won’t be before September. But to whet your appetite, here’s a tiny snippet from a larger AV Club interview with co-creator Vince Gilligan. He hints that the next season will be darker and shares one of the most important writing tips ever.