Just this month of August and a few days of September stand between us and Ryan Murphy’s seventh season of American Horror Story. I was late to the party, only having jumped on the bandwagon for last season’s über-meta Roanoke as research…

This year’s theme is Cult and (surprise, surprise) it’s influenced by Trump’s post-truth America – listen for the last line which is particulalry interesting –

“Your thoughts and fears are an illusion… surrrender to a new truth… wake up.”

Cult stars the perenially brilliant Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters as two star-crossed lovers and promises to have you in fits.

Luckily, one superfan has made a supercut of all eleven teaser promos so you don’t have to:



I think I just shat myself. I’ll get a cloff.

That said, the freakiest imagery was yet to come in the real eleventh trailer:


In conclusion: Clowns are scary. End of lesson. I’m off for a bath.

American Horror Story: Cult gets the spookiest season of the year underway early on Tuesday 5th September on FX.