After a more pondersome second episode, the American Gods S01E03 promo looks ready to show off more of the magic that made the pilot episode so mind-bendingly awesome!

American Gods S01E03 Promo 2

The trailer sees Mr Wednesday beginning to do what he does best as he utilises his weather-controlling skills to impress old flame and morning star, Zorya…

American Gods S01E03 promo 3

and then rob a bank with Shadow Moon. Enough talking, here’s the tease:

American Gods S01E03 promo shows us young Zorya, but doesn’t reveal that Mr World (Crispin Glover) German Goddess of The Dawn, Easter and Mr Jacquel make their first appearance.

Head Full of Snow was written by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and directed by David Slade.

American Gods airs on Starz, Sunday nights at 10/9c