Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) has teamed up with Neil Gaiman to bring the latter’s 2001 novel American Gods to the small screen and it looks set to kick some serious ass!

The Starz hour-long will blend Americana and gory fantasy with several thematic undercurrents that make the best stories i.e. new mythology meets old mythology.

American Gods

And in a show that looks certain to contain a potent, timely and ass-kickin’ message on immigration, these immigrants have brought their Old Gods across the seas with them. Bring it on, I say!

What does this mean? Well, I’m hoping the Old Gods and the New must now battle it out amongst the alleyways and flea-ridden motels of dustbowl America… and the cosmos!

american gods img-1-trailer-geekexchange-031517

So that’s what American Gods is about, but what’s the story, morning glory?

A man named Shadow gets out of jail to find his wife, Moon and best friend have died in a car wreck. All seems lost until a mysterious con man named Mr Wednesday arrives on the scene and offers Shadow a job with Faustian consequences…

Let’s hope it fairs better than the similarly themed and located Preacher, although I’m the first to admit I need to give the AMC series a second look.

American Gods drops Sunday, 30th April on Starz.