Ryan Murphy promised American Horror Story: Cult would be tell the tale of Donald Trump, but nobody knew the night of his election win would be the series’ inciting incident… the auteur has the knives sharpened and is coming for The Donald.

The brilliant Sarah Paulson plays Ally Mayfair Richards, a liberal lesbian mother who has a son with Ivy, played by Allison Pill (The Newsroom). Ally’s nightmare starts that fateful night in November in Detroit, Michigan while Evan Peters plays psychotic blue-haired Trump fan, Kai.


As the leader of a cult, he enlists Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Carrie Fisher’s daughter) and seems to borrow what should have been Trump’s campaign slogan: “If you get people scared enough, they will set the world on fire.”



I admit, as a late-comer to the franchise I don’t even know who Twisty the Clown is, only tuning in to the meta-filled American Horror Story: Roanoke to make sure they didn’t use any of the same ideas I have for my own Roanoke-based series. And yet, while season six was fun, but not great, this seventh season has me drooling with excitement.

Here’s the trailer:

I avoided seasons one through five as they seemed a little crass and over the top but I think the themes of Cult will be frenzied enough to go full-on, finger-on-th-pulse zeitgeist.

This will be the first post-Trump series to show America in its full, true light – that of a nation ripping itself apart from the inside. Ryan Murphy is a gifted and visoinary storyteller and I can’t wait to see what nightmare he conjures up and what insight he delivers into America, Trump’s mind, narcissism, and how he socks it to the the world’s most hated man.

American Horror Story: Cult debuts on FX on Tuesday, 5th September just in time for my favorite time of year: horror season.