Wow! Just Wow!

Agents of SHIELD and writer DJ Doyle know how to bring a series back with a bang!

In an episode that saw Daisy wake up in a relationship with Ward, Phil Coulson as a high school teacher (à la Ben Linus in the Lost flash-sideways) and Jemma wake from the dead, we nerds were treated to an opening title card emblazoned with the green Octopus Skull and words AGENTS OF HYDRA.

It made me actually whoop with delight and I fully admit that a little bit of wee might have come out!

Stuck in Dr. Holden Radcliffe’s alternate reality, where past experiences of pain simply don’t exist might sound like heaven, but in yet another example my favorite storytelling trope – one that has pervaded storytelling in everything from the 3,000 year-old Upanishads to Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix and Lost... the SHIELD team are stuck, brainwashed, zombified and hopelessly living out the “what if the Nazis won” shadow-self existence.

May is Hydra’s number three, Fitz is a seemingly insane, genocidal Nazi doctor and kissing Aida, now known as Madame Hydra.

Daisy and Jemma are the only team members who can see through the Maya (the Hindu word for illusion) but will Jemma’s plan help Coulson wake up from his Maya (the Hindi word meaning life is an illusion) Is Ward really a resistance member and

Is Ward really a resistance member?

Find out in next week’s exciting episode of Agents of HYDRA only on ABC.