After watching Darren Aranofsky’s brilliant and disturbing film mother! at the cinema, I needed something that was going to lift my spirits after having my soul ripped out, so I turned to my trusty friend 8/10 Cats Does Countdown. 

The latest season on Channel Four looks to have split up the winning formula of Jon RIchardson, Sean Locke and Joe Wilkinson. I understand why the producers have done it – these regulars have been monopolising three seats for years – but it feels like they’ve split the family up.

So I went back to S09E05 for a reunion. This episode features Jon and Joe as team captains, plus Roisin Conaty and David Mitchell (plus Jimmy, Rachel and Tom Allen with Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner)

Here’s the whole 46-minute episode:

This is the one that’s become infamous on Youtube in which everybody loses it after Jimmy’s blue remark to Susie. Poor, poor Susie Dent.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole show, below is the clip which has everyone in tears:

The whole show is just a classic three-quarters of an hour which has everything – Jon creating a game within a game called “In My Hoop” and he and Joe eating disgusting foods as forfeits…

Where else are you gonna get to see a man threatening to shit himself live TV? Champagne, Roisin and Joe being terrible at the game, lots of the expected childish innuendo and even a unicorn!

Joe’s mascot is his legendary Russian Dolls which feature Jimmy Carr’s testicle (though I think it looks more like Richard Nixon – the doll, not the testicle) and a life-sized Jon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 06.39.55.jpg

All in all, it was the perfect tonic to the brooding, ominous, heaviness that was mother! and I’m grateful this show exists.

Long may 8/10 Cats Does Countdown continue on Channel 4.