Errr. What just happened? There was I thinking S02E12 was going to answer all our questions, provide some much-needed light in the darkness and wrap everything up in a neat little closure bow, ready to be unravelled next July when BOOM!

The fucking lights go out!

Oh. who am I kidding! I ended yesterday by saying that the finale will probably throw up more questions than answers and it didn’t disappoint!
(This blog will make more sense if you have read yesterday’s 10 Questions)

There’s loads to get through, so this is just a recap of last night’s S02E12, but don’t worry – we’ll be back with a more in-depth look in the next few days… weeks… months!

After an opening exchange in the SUV, Elliot and Tyrell converse under a Coney Island rollercoaster – Elliot wants out of the business relationship, but Tyrell is stubborn; he hasn’t come this far just to walk away…

S02E12 - Tyrell

“You’re only seeing what’s in front of you. You’re not seeing what’s above you.”

And here, mere minutes into S02E12, in the most Swedish thing I’ve seen since this, is where it gets interesting: Tyrell recites The Red Wheelbarrow.

Now… wait a cotton-pickin’ minute. It’s pretty damned unlikely that a 1923 American poem is going to be the only English Tyrell’s meek Swedish father spoke so this opens up a whole new level of riddles wrapped in mysteries inside enigmas. Is their father the same person, in a parallel dimension? Fuck, we’re only five minutes in and my brain hurts already!

Unless that is, Tyrell is right and there really is a deep connection between he and Elliot – that they are tied by unseen cosmological forces of fate. That’s where all this navel-gazing and Whiterose’s Mad Hatter act is meant to be steering us – towards thoughts of destiny.

But this is a season finale Goddamnit! Enough with this Swedish existential crap about daddy-issues! Where’s my EMP? Where’s the airplanes falling out of the sky? Where’s Tyrell killing muthfkkin’ helicopters with muthfkkin’ cars?

Where’s Kor Adana and Randy Leon when you need them?

S02E12 - Darl

“If you want any other details the answer is; suck a dick.”

And then, Thank God, we see Darlene. I hadn’t realised how worried I’d been about the lost little lamb until we cut to the FBI interview room. The relief was palpable.

A few nice, funny exchanges between Darlene, Dominique and Santiago, including the part when he mentions Burn Notice, blue skies and the fact that “characters like you are not welcome here…” essentially realizes he’s in a USA Network show. Bizarre but brill.

Ever enticing us with teases like “Don’t call me Hun” (and a later “Look, Babe” certainly suggested Darlene and Dom really did already know each other beyond both being Jersey Girls. But what they were saying didn’t really matter too much in their game of cat and mouse, it was what was NOT being said… like hopefully “I still love you HunBabe.”

S02E12 - Scott

Across town, at 92, East 82nd Street, Joanna Wellick turns up looking as sweet and radiant as spring itself at a drunk-as-a-skunk, still grief-stricken Scott Knowles’ apartment.

Considering Scott is a tertiary character we hadn’t seen for like three-quarters of the season, actor Brian Stokes Mitchell did a fucking phenomenal job of drawing us in and making us feel the depth and depravity of his pain.

Maybe she’s changed, we thought as she touched his cheek and a flicker of empathy ran across her beautiful, Alien Queen face.

Calling him a “pussy” and a “piece of shit”, Joanna totally goaded Scott into fury with one of the harshest lines in TV history – “I hope you rot in hell like your wife. You’re mourning a woman who after she found out she was pregnant was gonna fuck my husband’s brains out. I’m glad she’s dead. Fuck her and her fetus corpse.” the inevitable happened.

Scott, very understandably and very believably, loses his shit.

S02E12 - Throttle

Joanna might not have deserved the beating Scott eventually dished out to her, but when you realize that she went there with the express intention of getting Scott to attack her, it might make you feel a little better about the fact that you cheered him as he throttled her! 

S02E12 - Jo

No? Oh – just me then! When Rey fights Kylo Ren with a lightsabre, I want her to cut his emo-little arms off, I want Jack Bauer to shoot terrorists in the knee, but the violence here was so raw, so visceral and un-cartoon-like that after the first punch, I half wanted to jump into the frame and stop him.

Half wanted. She really is an evil son of a bitch.

S02E12 - Tyrell Elliot

“No blue skies round here – see?!”

In the warehouse, Tyrell finally reveals Stage 2 to Elliot who’s plan it was in the first place. In light of losing digital debts, property titles and deeds, Evil Corp has been bringing every paper financial record in America to the building across the street. And Tyrell and Robot’s plan is a Robin Hood redistribution of wealth-type thang to burn the “bloodline” of America.

In S02E12, Sam Esmail’s again going with another nod to the 80’s with the Emilio Estevez film Wisdom. Or maybe Christian Slater got the idea from his Young Guns 2 co-star?

However, it’s a little more complicated than brekaing into Mid West Banks and burning the deeds to farms – Stage 2 involves Elliot’s malware code and an uninterrupted power source surging to create a spark, thus igniting hydrogen in the building E Corp are using.

The good news is that paper burns.

The bad news is… so do people, something Elliot ain’t prepared to do.

Back at the FBI, Every time I think Dom is going to get some alone time (and turn the cameras off) with Darlene so they can talk about their past as lovers… they just play alot more cat and mouse.

For the first time in a long time, Darlene was one step ahead and acting like a leader. Nothing was going to make her spill the F_Beans, she was being more clever than the FBI, so Dom had to pull out her big guns…

S02E12 Gif1

“Is that You gotta be fucking kidding me GOOD or you gotta be fucking kidding me BAD?”

Darlene was as surprised as we were that the FBI KNEW EVERYTHING. She was also clearly affected by seeing the trail of destruction that she and the fellow “F Society Militants” had left behind. But somewhat puzzlingly, she seemed just as affected by Tyrell Wellick being the MITM (Man in the Middle) as she was over her boyfriend’s death.

Nifty as Dominique’s python-lying-in-wait-for-a-year story was, I can’t help thinking (hopefully Darlene’s next words) “If you have evidence, then arrest me.”

Hell! Go arrest fucking everyone on your Carrie Mathison Bi-Polar Board of Terrorism!

Apart from Romero, don’t arrest him cos a stray bullet from a neighbor killed him.

Excuse me? What the actual fuck? This might be the stupidest piece of writing I’ve ever heard.

As it transpires, across town, shit was about to get real and Stage 2 of the biggest cyber-crime in the history of the world was about to blow up.

Was letting that happen part of your python-lying-in-wait plan too, Feds?

S02E12 Robot

We just gotta blow up some deeds… and some women. Maybe some babies.. You okay with that, son?

While Mr Robot distracts Elliot, Tyrell initiates Stage 2.

Elliot tries to stop him, Tyrell pulls Chekov’s popcorn gun and says he’ll shoot Elliot if he stands in his way. But Elliot doesn’t believe him because he can finally see the light – after all this time, he’s worked out the truth. Tyrell is just another alter-ego or another of Mr Robot’s mind-games just like we and the rest of the internet had been saying for weeks.

And in a moment more Fight Club than Fight Club… Elliot was right. We we’re right.

Yippee!  You see… any minute now Tyrell will disappear and…

S02E12 GIF2


In Sam Esmail’s best red herring yet, we (the audience) became Elliot. For weeks.

All that time we were thinking Tyrell was Elliot, we formed a symbiotic relationship with Elliot. When he’s confused, we’re confused. When we’re confused, he’s confused.

But now we’re dead.

As Elliot slumped to the floor and Mr Robot glitched in and out of existence, he said that this had to happen, that he had to go all the way even if it meant both he and Elliot dying.



Presumably just a few minutes later, though by this point it’s dark outside. Remember that. It’s important! Angela picks up the phone – “They” had told her Tyrell would be calling. SHe tells Tyrell that she should be the first person he sees when he wakes up. Elliot’s alive and she and Tyrell love him. So do we, Elliot, so do we.

As Angela hangs up the phone and prepares to leave, the lights go out across the whole city. This, surely indicates the massive power surge and that S02E12 is over and Stage 2 is well and truly underway.

And just like Angela, Elliot, Mr Robot, New York and the whole Eastern Seaboard.

We’ve been left in the fucking dark. 

By Sam Esmail. You conniving c*nt!

With Elliot on the brink of death, Darlene in custody and possibly about to sing to the Feds, Season 3 was always gonna soft reboot and begin under very different circumstances. It wasn’t only our small world of a few dozen characters that had to change – Mr Robot and Tyrell had to change affect real change on a global scale.

I just wish we didn’t have to wait nine months to see it.

Oh, hang on, maybe we don’t…

After Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton guide us thru the credits, a car glides into view.

S02E12 - Car

Where are we? Florida? Nope California? Nope! Shipshewana… just like I predicted!

Just like I called it yesterday, Mobley and Trenton had been living in rural Indiana, married with babies like good Amish folk, driving horse-drawn carriages, building barns as a community, milking bulls and ten pin bowling and working in Fry’s Electronics.

S02E12 T&M

Is that Pennsylvania Dutch they’re speaking? Are Amish people allowed Big Gulp?

Okay, so it’s not Shipshewana and they ain’t Amish, but the real question is, did Mobley’s “friend” really get them their jobs or are they in witness protection? If so, did Dom get all her information from Mobley? Did he save Trenton by including her in his deal? Does he love her (Yes!) What does all this mean for The Scooby Gang?

S02E12 Leon

Excuse me, do you have the time for me to rip you a new one?

Leon is, as we know, Dark Army and surely there to kill Trenton and Mobley, but…

a) how did he find them? Was it via Dom’s boss Santiago?

b) will Trenton’s plan to put everything back the way it was (i.e. before the 5/9 hack) be enough to save their lives?

Find out in the next inciting eggstallment of Mr Robot…

in July.


That’s the bad news. the good news is that we’ll be sticking around for a bit to try and make sense of it all.

So see ya soon, friends. Peace.