Trump - Elliot Angela

Hello Friends, Fellow Americans, Democrats, Republicans – what a week! President Trump. No-one saw that coming, not even puppetmaster extraordinaire Phillip Price.

After their democracy was hacked, protesters took to the streets and college campuses of New York, Washington, LA, Portland and even in other countries. There’s talk of California and Oregon seceding from the United States, hipsters are fleeing to Canada on their ironic bicycles in their millions and Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies is affecting one in three Facebook posts.

Trump - bike

Mmm-kay, I made the last two facts up, but speaking of FB, please help us by sharing this article. It takes 2 seconds!

In the words of Marvin Gaye – “Bugger, arse, tits and wind – What in the shitting Alabaman fuckstorm is Going On?”

I mean, as fans of Mr Robot and F_Society, we probably all thought the system was in need of repair, but what about some TLC?

What did Elliot Alderson make of it? Has he taken to the streets? Is this him in the black hoodie, center-left or is he holed up in a gloomy apartment somewhere with his head in the freezer compartment, doing groaning. Or maybe that’s just me!

Elliot would have been comforted by the news that California, Nevada and Massachusetts passed laws to make marijuana legal so while that’s not TLC, it is THC which was enough to buoy him to go meet his therapist – here’s an exclusive look at what he had to say:

President Trump

The short scene quickly and concisely demonstrates what the Mr Robot showrunner thinks about President-elect Trump. And Krista too, who seems to agree!

Trump - elliot-in-therapy

But Elliot and Krista aren’t the only people to be gripped by a sense of weltschmerz. This one-page is unlikely to make it into Season Three but it does come straight from the horses’ mouth. Sam Esmail’s mouth. Well, Sam Esmail’s fingers. He created Elliot, he writes most of his words ergo Sam Esmail is Elliot… and he set Twitter on fire in the wake of the election, at first to show surprise:

President Trump - Seeing this

But as the likelihood of Donald Trump becoming President loomed on the horizon like a spray-tanned orange Godzilla stomping on the innocent people of Tokyo…

Trump - Tokyo

Not my words – The GOP’s words

…the uber-talented American-Egyptian writer/producer/director added:

Trump - twist

But his self-aware joviality soon turned more serious:

Trump - Clinton

There are some who say artists shouldn’t talk politics, but that’s their job.

If people like you and me don’t listen to writers like Sam Esmail, actors like Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change, filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Donald Glover talk about racism, songwriters like Leonard Cohen then the mainstream media use their weapons of mass distraction and before you know it, your democracy has been hacked, we have a VP who doesn’t believe in evolution and… well – I guess we’ll find out!