As Sam Esmail sits down to write Season Three, we ask could President Trump cancel Mr Robot? Yes, it’s unlikely, but as recently as two weeks ago, whoever thought the two words “President Trump” would be neighbors?

President Trump anonymous-mr-robotIn those two weeks, the President-elect has gone on to rail against anyone he sees as standing in his way, and we know what a thick skin The Donald has!

Cancel - Hamilton

Rather than practising for his time in The White House, soon-to-be President Trump seemingly spends more time scouring Twitter for perceived attacks against his fragile ego. You see, narcissists perceive anything that challenges their world-view as a personal attack, and When Trump Attacks, he does it in court, just like he was taught by one of Amerian history’s most nefarious men. More on that in a bit!

A USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the United States finds that in the past three decades, Donald J. Trump has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits ranging from skirmishes with casino patrons to million-dollar real estate suits to personal defamation lawsuits.

President - Trump Uni

Although U.S. libel laws are state lawsTRUMPOTUS said he would change libel laws to make it easier for him to sue news networks for unfavorable coverage. Luckily, these laws cannot be changed by a President, but could his new-found power usher in a new epoch of totalitarian shutdowns in other ways?

“The Washington Post questioned my legitimacy as President – issue them a cease and desist.”

“Your blog called my grandfather a pimp – I’ll see you in court.”

“Your TV show made fun of my tiny hands – Take SNL off the air.”

“Sam Esmail’s TV Show called me a cocksucker – have him whacked.”

Begging the question, where might it all end? Like this?

Am I saying that The Trump ancestors were Nazis? NO WAY! Drumpf Draft-dodging seems to run in the family as this article released earlier this week which reveals Donald Trump’s pimp grandfather was issued with a royal decree ordering him to leave Germany and never come back!

But we’re not heading for another Nazi Germany! I hear you cry… well, history, literature, movies and especially Science Fiction have warned us time and again about the ways tyrants gains power: Tyrants are backdoor men. If you think it all sounds a little too Hunger Games, that’s probably what German intellectuals were thinking in the early-1930’s… though they probably called it die Hunger Spiele.

“But the book-burning scenes in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are fiction” I hear ye cry…

Remember McCarthy’s witch hunt when thousands of artists, filmmakers, scriptwriters and liberals were accused of being communist infiltrators and blacklisted; banned from working under the name of the Un-American Activities Committee.

My point is, Mr Robot has already called Donald Trump a cocksucker; so our favourite show possibly already features on a blacklist of books, articles, shows, films, plays, newspapers and artists that he views as a threat to his power. Sound familiar? It should do…

Trump’s biggest political influence is a man named Roy Cohn. He taught Trump everything he knows about “how to exploit power and instill fear through a simple formula: attack, counterattack and never apologize.”

Cohn gained notoriety in the 1950’s as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel and the brains behind his communist witch hunt.

Therefore, is it such a leap of faith that Trump and his white supremacist staff might go after Arab-American writer, Sam Esmail’s subversive TV show? It’s sounding more likely by the minute.

President - Sam Esmail

A show which openly glorifies hacking, and in which an Egyptian-American actor and his Jewish-raised co-star…

President - Elliot & Darlenejoin forces with a female Muslim hacker, an Indian hacker, a pot-growing African-American…

President - F Society team

bisexual immigrant Tyrell Wellick…

President - Gay Club

and his sexual deviant immigrant wife Joanna Wellick…

President - joanna

to hack the largest corporation on the planet with the help of a possibly homosexual, cross-dressing Chinese double agent.

If there’s one show on television that Trump and his cabinet are going to go after, it’s Mr Robot!

I guarantee you, everything about Mr Robot terrifies Trump and his cronies. And that’s why we must continue learning from the most subversive show on television.

Cancel - Sam Tweet1

Remember when President Obama appeared within the first ten minutes of Season 2 with this message for the world?

Well, couchpotato has a funny feeling Sam Esmail will employ similar editing trickery to go after Trump. BIGLY.

Furthermore, since Sam’s Jewish-raised fiancé, Shameless actress Emmy Rossum, received sick anti-semitic tweets from Neo-Nazis in the wake of Trump’s “win”, we just can’t envisage the auteur pulling his punches in Season Three.

President Trump - Emmy

As Nina Simone said, it is an artist’s duty to reflect the times. Luckily, artist Sam Esmail has become a spokesman for our generation and he’s not going to go quietly. It’s this generation’s job to mould and shape the country for a better future, not regress it by seven decades. Don’t let them take away your power, your rights, your voice, your art and your favorite TV shows.

What can we do to help stop this? Well, for starters, just keep on being you – if you like Mr Robot and are reading this, then you’re probably already on the right track. But if and when they do begin religious profiling, whether you’re black, white, yellow, red or brown, gay or straight, male or female – make sure you’re first in line to register as a Muslim.

In doing so, you will become part of the greatest system hack in the history of hacking.