The Trick or Treat costumes are readied, the candies have been hidden from prying hands, the Jack O’Lanterns are carved, both grandma’s feet have been nailed to the attic ceiling and the cauldron of tension is mounting… just what is Number Two on Elliot & Darlene’s Halloween Movie Countdown List? It may be a bit of a surprise!

In number two spot is the 1984 VHS masterpiece that became the motivation for the 5/9 hack…

Number Two - mrrobotgif-2

But that don’t make it their favourite!

While we had to feature admit it’s NOT SURPRISING AT ALL that The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie features on the list, all y’all thought it was gonna be in first place, right?

Number Two - careful-masacreWRONG!

Season Two of Mr Robot was a veritable candy-store of bold, visionary moves – both in terms of storytelling and filmmaking techniques and never moreso than S02E04 when the Alderson siblings sat down to watch this movie.

The idea of a story-within-a-story ain’t new (Shakespeare and Homer both used this plot device) but to make a story-within-a-story the reason for our main character’s motivations is as crazy as it is brave!

Number Two - vhsBe Kind. Please rewind your illegally torrented downloads

Rippling out one more level of meta genius, Sam Esmail actually had 8 minutes of The Careful Massacre horror flick made for us to enjoy at home.

And what a treat those 8 minutes are! USA Network deserve kudos for giving their showrunner carte blanche to do whatever the hell he likes (akin to a modern-day Orson Welles at RKO Pictures) but the fact that Sam and his team then have enough love and vision for their story to have a young, number two director shoot this short film, perfectly realized as schlock 80’s horror, is nothing short of remarkable.

Number Two - topThis brother and sister will Die! Die! Die!

When Darlene quite rightly quips “Clearly what the film is doing is debunking the notion that American society is classless. Meritocracy, my ass! Long live the oligarchy” she knows exactly what she’s talking about – maybe even having studied Plato’s Republic Book VIII, in which Socrates discusses how democracy always descends into tyranny.

Just something to bear in mind as you decide our next Commander in Chief next week!

Number Two - ArghStonewash jeans represent everything wrong with the world. That’s why these people must die!

Halloween may used to have been their “thing” but on the night of October 31, 2014 (maybe 2013) – the night we were invited into Elliot’s apartment to watch The Careful Massacre… that was the night F-Society 5/9 was born.

But wait… that’s not all!

Mere minutes later, in one of Rami Malek’s finest acting moments, as Elliot was taken over by the Shakespearian rage of his dead father (whose clothes Elliot was wearing while under the anonymity of the mask) this was the night that Mr Robot was born.

After all, is there a better night of the year than Halloween for creating a monster?

Number Two - Masks“Dude, you’re freaking me out”

Elliot and Darlene adore The Careful Massacre even more than we do, and I’ll be along later in the week to explain why, but sorry folks – it just ain’t their favorite thing to watch on Halloween. That accolade belongs to another…

Which poses the question… what the hell is Number One in their Halloween Countdown?

Who’s the cream on top of Mama Alderson’s pumpkin pie?

You’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

What’s that? You want a clue? Okay, go on then. The clue is Arrrrgggggghhhhhh…

Only kidding, the clue is it ain’t even a movie!

Good luck and Namaste!