Welcome to Number Three in Elliot & Darlene’s Halloween Crazy Movie Countdown! After yesterday’s detour into the realm of every emo’s favorite film, today we get firmly back on track with an 80’s classic… but despite recognizing the score in our below video, it’s not the movie you’re thinking of!

Do you really think Darlene and Elliot turned out the way they did from following the crowd? Hell no!

So, what do you do when you want to make a sequel to two of the most well-received horror movies in recent years but don’t have the rights to the franchise? You go ahead and make it anyway! Without the lead character. Think A Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy Krueger, James Bond without James Bond or Friday the Thirteenth without Jason Whats-his-tits.

That’s how Elliot’s next fave film came into being. And if you think that’s crazy – how about AS WELL AS LEAVING OUT THE MAIN SERIAL KILLER, instead add a sprinkle of witchcraft, a peppering of Celtic fairy tales, sixteen fluid ounces of science fiction, a heavy-handed pound of an anti-consumerism for subtext and a Bond Villain-sized evil plan, mix it all together, bake for four hundred years at a temperature of nine Fahrenheit and what do you get?

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is what you get! Here’s the trailer!

And let me tell you, it’s fucking glorious to behold! Despite the lack of the franchise’s masked killer, Michael Myers and an absolutely insane, confused plot which just throws everything at the wall to see what sticks, this 1982 film not only (somehow) holds its own, it has made its way to cult status and into number three spot.

It’s kinda Elliot’s choice more than his sister’s, he likes the anti-corporation and anti-American consumerism message because, being a few years younger, she was a little too young to understand the analogies. That said, nowadays, she’s usually so out of her box from smoking bowls that she doesn’t care!

Number Four - Robot

Pass the bowl, Darls! Dad, you’ve had too much ghost dad pot already!

Horror auteur and synth genius, John Carpenter (who’s music has defo inspired Mr Robot’s Mac Quayle) was convinced the film franchise could be turned into a horror anthology series with a fresh set of characters and new setting for each movie. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be, but stick with us to see why number three in the series is an underrated classic!

Not to be confused with Zombie Maestro George A. Romero’s 1973 Season of the Witch or the 2011 Nicolas Cage vehicle of the same name, Halloween 3 tells the tale Dr Dan Challis and Ellie Grimbridge who are drawn to the spooky Californian town of Santa Mira to investigate the mysterious and murderous activities of Conal Cochran, owner of the Silver Shamrock novelties company.

Silver Shamrock has followed up their sales of Halloween masks with a hypnotic advertising campaign in the week leading up to Halloween when every child across the land is instructed to wear their Silver Shamrock mask, watch the horror-thon and not to forget the “big giveaway at nine.” Needless to say, Conal Cochran has bigger plans than a big giveaway…

The rhythmic, repetitive Happy, Happy Halloween tune of the advertising campaign is infectious and a big part of the longevity of the film.

This earworm has been in Elliot’s head since he was a kid – it could even go a long way to explaining his mental health problems!

Number Three - TV

Don’t sit so close, Elliot – you’ll ruin your eyesight!

Though maybe the real question is why did Edward Alderson let his seven-year-old son stay up so late watching scary movies?
Number Three - Masks2

So, Halloween 3 nestles in nicely at number three in E&D’s Halloween Movie Countdown List, and while it is the absolute cheese-fest that these two crazy kidz love, it does contain some genuine moments of tension and some great horror iconography.


Number Three - Icon

Like this stunning silhouette – simply beautiful isn’t it?

What sets Season of the Witch apart, and elevates it above your average slasher movie is that instead of a town or a street or even a single building being the target of a crazed ax-murderer, the evil plan at the heart of Halloween 3 could potentially have damaging consequences for nearly every family in America.

Or, like our 6’6″ butcher used to say – “The steaks are pretty high.”

The above still is taken from a montage near the movie’s finale. In fact, here it is and it’s spoiler free!

Quite how it’s DARKER in Ohio and Louisiana than it is in Seattle and L.A., I’m not sure, but if you want to find out if every kid who’s celebrating Halloween across the whole nation make it out alive, you’ll have to watch the whole movie, which you can find on The You Tube here, and it’s best watched off your box, just like Elliot and Darls!

Legal Disclaimer: Couchpotato does not condone watching movies on youtube, smoking bowls or trying to kiss your sister.

Unless you live in Tennessee.