Halloween Movie! Christmas Movie! Halloween Movie! Christmas Movie! So goes the argument our two Aderson siblings have every October and December but this year, Little Sis gets her way as we bring you Number Four in Elliot and Darlene’s Halloween Movie Countdown.

While we all know the pair love their 80’s horror, yesterday’s movie was Elliot’s choice so it was only fair to cave in, agree for today only that it’s a Halloween movie and let Darlene choose number four on the list!

Or, as she put it “It’s not all slash, slash, slash, Elliot!”

Darlene’s only a wee bairn, you see. She was born in 1990 meaning she totes missed the slasher movie heydey. She was only three when this movie came out but seeing it a few years later, it left a big, dark impression…

But not only has she modelled her face on this movie’s protagonist, this movie has influenced the brother and sister hacker team more than we could ever know!

Number Four - nightmare1

First off, Darlene also inherited Jack Skellington’s stick thin appearance!

Another cause for arguments between these guys in the noughties was whether this was a Tim Burton movie. Darlene swore it was but Elliot knew best – it was directed by Henry Selick, written by Caroline Thompson with music and lyrics by Danny Elfman. But with Burton’s name plastered all over it, I guess it was in an era when his brand-name meant much more and before he started making the same movie over and over again. With the same cast! Or worse; needlessly remaking and ruining classic movies.

The film was based on Tim Burton’s poem of the same name, which in turn was based on the 1823 poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the tale of Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King of Halloweentown whose job it is to organize the monsters, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, vampires, werewolves, zombies and witches to scare the people of real world.

If you ain’t seen it, you ain’t lived! Here’s the trailer:

Over the years, Jack’s grown bored of scaring people so, as luck would have it, he finds and travels through a portal to brightly-colored Christmastown where people aren’t frightened, they’re happy and joyous and sing songs! A bit like travelling from New York to ANY OTHER PLACE IN AMERICA! Only kidding, it’s the loneliest city in the world at all. Ever. No matter what anyone tells you.

Jack’s very first arrival in Christmastown is like what happens when you travel north of Yonkers and prompts the best song too!

To cut a long story short, Jack meets Sally, terrorizes Christmastown, usurps Sandy Claws and traumatizing children!

The only excuse not to have seen the movie is if you’re one of these whipper-snapper millennials. We definitely recommend watching it for the first time or watching it again as you’ve definitely forgotten how good it is.

The only reason to not watch it again is because you haven’t got a heart and are the kind of guy that goes kablooey at Bill Harper.

Bill is probably gonna poison a load of Halloween treats cos of you, Elliot.

But why does Darlene love it so much?

Well, here’s why…

As poignant as it is madcap, The Nightmare Before Christmas is imbibed with Tim Burton’s melancholy craziness, the look and feel of the movie helped shape a generation of emo iconography.

Since it is every emo kid’s favorite movie (along with Corpse Bride) maybe Jack Skellington invented emo?

I reckon Jack Skellington influenced Darlene Haze and Samsepiol more than they realise since they’re both very emo in their own way; Darlene may not dress like a screamo-listening quasi-goth but they’re both introverted, messed-up, nocturnal loners.

Elliot’s first black hoodie, aged eight, probably had Jack Skellington’s face on the back and life can only go one way from there; downhill!

Number Four - young

Three weeks after his father died, Elliot was dressing like this for school

You’ve heard the story a million times before. Boy meets girl, boy prefers computers, gets in with the wrong crowd… Mary Jane… and the next thing you know you’re the FBI’s most wanted cyber-terrorist. That Jack Skellington’s got a lot to answer for!

I have a theory that coders only like computers cos, unlike people, they don’t talk back!

Before this movie, children made became boy scouts, built boxcars, held hands skipping to school and sold lemonade on their front lawns. After this movie, kids answered back, neglected their chores and graffitied rude words like “tits” and “fanny” on schoolyard walls.

In other words, this movie started The Great American Oxy Epidemic. You heard it here first!

Number Five - emo

Hey! What if Jack Skellington invented crack cocaine as well as emo?

Another reason Elliot and Darlene love this movie could be because it tells the story of two worlds – just like the two worlds that Elliot is seemingly stuck in – whether that’s a Virtual Reality world or his mental illness making it impossible to distinguish between reality and make-believe, he can relate to the notion of fantasy worlds. It’s where we messed up kids go to hide, right?

Darlene was so scarred by Halloweentown that she can only have sex in restrooms with emo wallpaper.

Number Four - Darlemo

Number two? No, number four!

So there we have it – all emo kids love this movie, Darlene and Elliot both definitely went through their emo stage ergo they love this movie. Mr Robot Hacks knows something these two crazy kids don’t: the movie that’s number four on their Halloween list is both a Halloween AND a Christmas movie!

That’s it for Number Four, see you tomorrow for Number Three in the countdown!