Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI and, of course, Enemy of the State is bringing the Will Smith and Gene Hackman movie to the small screen.

If greenlit, the series, written by Blackhat scribe Morgan Davis Foehl, will follow an NSA agent who is purported to have leaked classified intelligence to the public and an “idealistic female attorney” who teams up with a “hawkish FBI agent” to defeat a global conspiracy that threatens to expose “dark secrets”

The near-forgotten Enemy of the State saw a reckless NSA official (Jon Voight) trying pass legislation to bypass human rights and privacy laws to create a pan-global surveillance system.

Yeah, like that was ever gonna hap… Oh, hang on a minute.

When it was made, the film’s storyline was one of pure science fiction but now in a world of Edward Snowden, monthly Wikileaks and Operation Prism, the technology has caught up and overtaken that used in the film.

When sorely missed and woefully underrated director, Tony Scott used a photograph of a young Harry Caul (Gene Hackman’s character from The Conversation) in Enemy of the State, it suggested Hackman played the same character in both conspiracy films a generation apart.

This means that Enemy of the State was a spiritual sequel to The Conversation (Coppola, 1974) which, in turn, was an homage to Italian auteur Michael Antonioni’s glorious 1966 surveillance movie Blow-up.

Does that make the TV version be a reboot or a sequel to the 1998 movie? Or a sequel to the sequel of the 1974 movie? Or a sequel to a sequel of an homage to the 1966 movie?

While Blow-up was about a hip fashion photographer possibly snapping a photo of a murder with a single lens reflex camera, the jump in technology between 1966 and 1974, coupled with surveillance scandals like Watergate, allowed Coppola to make his more sophisticated paranoia film about audio recording and bugging.

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The world is barely reconizable in the almost two decades since Enemy of the State. In a post-9/11 environment, the advent of the Internet, the rise of smartphones and global terrorism means everything you do can be listened in on, photographed or watched by the NSA, multiply that feeling of paranoia by a thousand.

Factor in the NSA’s own paranoia and that figure becomes a million, meaning Jerry Bruckheimer Television might have another billion dollar franchise on their hands and we might have one hell of a series!

Couchpotato expects Enemy of the State to hit the small screen in 2017

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