Based in the titular city, Atlanta follows the trials and tribulations of up and coming rapper PaperBoi, his cousin Earn and their friends and family.

And it’s quickly become one of the best and most bonkers shows on TV. Written by Donald, his brother and a highly unusual and forward-thinking all-black writing team, the series hooks you in rapidly.

Equal parts hilarious, heartwarming and tragic, Atlanta has lots to say about social issues, particularly the gulf in wealth between rich and poor in the cityBy the end of the first episode, you feel you’ve known these guys and lived in their city all your life…

With many laughs coming from their frankly bizarre friend Darius, Episode Five is where the show begins to turn from odd-ball comedy to downright surreal when a black Justin Bieber takes part in a basketball tournament.

Episode Seven does away with the sit-com backdrop entirely and features PaperBoi taking part in a show-within-a-show; a patronizing liberal, late night discussion show “Montague” and sparring with a feminist about rap music. In an obvious essay on Caitlyn Jenner, the fictitious show also features a segment on a 35-year-old white man who’s stuck in the body of a 17-year-old black kid. Hilarious but thought-provoking.

The commercials-within-a-TV-show-within-a-TV-show are a work of satirical genius.

By Episode Eight, we’re into the realm of invisible cars and a nightclub boss evading Earn behind hidden, revolving walls. I think the lesson to be learnt is when you’re as highly talented (and as good looking) as Donald Glover, you can do whatever the hell you like!