Hold on your to 1980’s sports-leisure pants cos tonight sees the conclusion of Season Three and, after one “Meh” and two great seasons, AMC have announced an end-date for Halt and Catch Fire. The cable network has renewed the acclaimed drama for a fourth yet final season.

The final season of the 1980s-set series, which follows the rise of the personal computer after the reverse-engineering of IBM’s PC will comprise of ten episodes and creators Cantwell & Rogers will stay on as showrunners through to the series finale.

““We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a creative partner in AMC that has nurtured us from new writers into showrunners over these past three seasons,” the duo said in a released statement. “In this fourth and final season, we are excited to end the show on its own terms and to give our story, these characters, and our fans the conclusion they so richly deserve.””

— Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers

Halt and Catch Fire has been a hugely underrated series. With its subtle and challenging character-driven narratives and distinctive visual style, it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as AMC’s other hits Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Goodbye HACF, you will be sorely missed. Sniff.

Season Three concludes tonight with a two-part episode but Season Four of Halt and Catch Fire will air sometime in 2017.