Jodie Whittaker’s outfit has been revealed by the BBC and it looks as though the TARDIS’ first stop for the new Doctor was Primark, Oxford Street!

Here it is in all it’s glory:


Some Doctor Who fans are up in arms, shouting on Twitter or whatever it is they do. I guess they think the stripes on her T-shirt are code for LGBT.

The new wardrobe is arresting at first, but come on – is it any worse than this?


Do Doctor Who fans want a return to the halcyon days of Colin Baker, when the writers seemingly didn’t even know what a story was?

Fan’s favourite, Peter Davidson’s cricket-inspired get-up was no more practical – set one foot in a Dorset quarry and the whole kit and kaboodle needed dry-cleaning back in Gallifrey.

Practicality might be the only real problem with Jodie’s lightweight wardrobe. Yes, it’s fun, colourful and casual but it’s totes impractical – what happens when she visits an icy planet or needs to blend into a ubiquitous Dickensian Christmastime crowd?

Did Victorian London even have a Primark?

I guess we’ll find out in the Doctor Who Christmas Special.