Hello, Darkness My Old Friend. With more questions about the Mr Robot Second Season Finale than there are teeth in China, somehow, after a fight in the MRHHQ Staff Room, we’ve whittled those down to just 10 of the most important…

While every other website still seeks answers to questions like “What is Stage 2?” – questions that we answered weeks ago, it’s time to get down to business. Though to be fair, there are a few questions everyone will be asking, like:

1. Are Darlene and Cisco alive?

Yes and no. In that order.

The laughable exploding ketchup bottle theory would be as dumb as Bill and Ted falling out of their suits of armor during their Excellent Adventure.

One of Darlene or The Cisco Kid has to be alive as Dom has an interview to conduct. Mr Robot may be the craziest and most unpredictable show on TV but our money is on that suspect being Darlene…. for a number of reasons! (Curiouser and curiouser!)

2. Are Elliot, Robot and Tyrell organizing a terrorist attack?

Our three heroes have already brought about a global financial collapse, so next on the agenda is to bring down the country’s communications, power and military.

“One for Alderson and Alderson for one!”

After being clockteased for weeks, we’re pretty sure that Stage 2 will finally be unveiled in this season finale. When coupled with the tense music, this point of view shot from the season finale promo:

…certainly looks like the beginning of a terrorist strike. But then again, it could just mean E-Corp are having a real, everything must go fire-sale on office furniture, Mr Robot’s tired of staring at computer terminals over Elliot’s shoulder and Tyrell wants to decorate the new F-Society warehouse…

It’s unlikely that Elliot is going to want to start blowing up innocent people, (The show has to keep us rooting for him) but would you put terrorism passed Mr Robot and Tyrell? My money is on Tyrell’s hacking skillz together with Edward’s engineering past causing an EMP (electromagnetic pulse.)

Elliot clashing with them over terrorism would brilliantly raise the stakes and cause much-needed (inner) tension!

3. Is Mr Robot just a cross between Hamlet, Back to the Future and Live Free or Die Hard?

We know madness and Dad Ghosts join the dots to Hamlet and we know the Back to the Future connection but has showrunner Sam Esmail been watching too much Bruce Willis?

Although our fire-sale theory isn’t yet confirmed, both Mr Robot and Die Hard 4.0 already feature a cyber-terrorist taking down the financial sector with a multi-stage attack.

Both stories feature hackers; Justin Long’s Matt Farrell and Kevin Smith’s Warlock characters bring quite a bit of geek culture (there’s even some low-level hacks going down) for a 2007 mainstream Hollywood movie. Remember, this was before the first Iron Man movie, before Big Bang Theory in a time before we geeks inherited the earth!

Chinese assassins and The FBI Cyber Security Division also feature in both stories. I’m informed this is the latter, but I can’t be sure.

I’ve just learnt that the phrase is “than there is TEA in China” not TEETH. This changes everything.

Even though a fire-sale is essentially a cyber-terrorist attack (hacking a country) Thomas Gabriel had to blow some shit up to get the ball rolling.

Finally, in Die Hard, explosions at a power plant took down the whole of the Eastern Seaboard’s power grid.

Sound familiar, anyone? It will in 24 hours. Or I’ll eat Mr Robot’s hat. EMPhatically.

4. Okay, what’s in the sky?

Though the season finale promo keeps its cards incredibly close to its chest, we can at least decipher a few locations. Tyrell first takes Elliot to a new warehouse location before he and Elliot definitely revisit Coney Island, as we can see from the below rollercoaster.

“You just totally killed a helicopter with a car!”

Accompanied by that massive electrical failure noise, Tyrell and Elliot both cast their eyes skywards, but what the hell are they looking at? One word:

One word: Airplanes.

“I was totally outta bullets”

5. What Did Whiterose say to Angela?

After playing Land of Ecodelia on a C64 and being interrogated by her inner child in a scene from Twin Peaks, Angela won the right to speak to Whiterose.

The whole, oneiric sequence was part of her test to see how pliable Angela was and, intrigued, Whiterose granted her an unimaginably long meeting of 28 minutes. We saw about 5 of those minutes and when Angela emerged, unscathed and on her lawyer’s front porch she seemed… different.

“Don’t call me anymore… I know the secrets of the universe.”

Angela now seemed assured, knowing and serene. The question is – what did Whiterose say in those 23 minutes we didn’t see to get her Angela on her team?

Whiterose knows the inner workings of the universe, like a cross-dressing Willy Wonka.

I think that Angela received some divine information. That’s the only thing that could make her give up her E Corp whistleblowing revenge mission and find serenity.

Whiterose knows the inner workings of the universe, like a cross-dressing Willy Wonka and my guess is she told Angela her metaphysical purpose within the show.

6. Why did Tyrell sound like Mr Robot?

When Tyrell first gets in the taxi in S02E11 to give the driver the address, that’s Mr Robot’s voice. Go back and listen again.

At various points in the taxi and in the street, Martin Wallström and Christian Slater’s voices have been digitally merged in the audio mix. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of this being mentioned elsewhere on the interwebs, but trust me… the voices have been tinkered with.

Why would the show go to the trouble of recording both voices then mix them together in post-production? Well, Tyrell and Robot both being part of Elliot’s multiple personality disorder would explain it, but by the same token, it could be another of those Swedish red herrings fucking with us.

7. Could Darlene be Dom’s old flame?

Remember last week, in the aftermath of the Lupes Diner shooting, Dom told her boss Santiago that she wanted to interview the suspect(s)?

Of course, that could be due to the simple fact that she brought the suspect(s) in and wants to follow through – due diligence n’ all. But what if that suspect is Darlene and she wants to conduct the interview because she has a history with her?

Could I interest you in an everlasting lollipop?

In Beijing, Dominique told Minister Zhang (Whiterose) that she joined the FBI after a marriage proposal from “the one” left her bailing out of the bathroom window. Dom even refers to the person as a non-gender specific “they”.

Poor Dom has lacked connection ever since, and that could be the reason she seeks connection to the female voice of Alexa.

We’ve seen Darlene in two relationships with men – Cisco and the corporate guy with the gun but that doesn’t mean she’s not bisexual. She’s certainly cool enough! Cast your mind back to when she broke up with Cisco when he proposed to her. Now think of it again without thinking of the phrase “Hurt people hurt people.”

7b. Is Santiago the dumbest boss in the history of the FBI or working for The Dark Army?


8. Is Dominique DiPierro going to switch sides?

I’ve been saying I wanted Agent Dom to become Daphne to Elliot’s Shaggy in the Scooby Gang for weeks now but, if Darlene is her old flame, might that lost love and yearning for connection be the catalyst for her going full-on Benedict Arnold?

Nothing is included in this show without good reason; take it from me, Dom’s world-weariness is lovesickness.

“In the next room is my chocolate river. Would you like a dip?” “I’m okay, thanks”

Dom even states in Willy Wonka’s Crazy Corridor of Cuckoo Clock Craziness that (like Darlene) she’s “Jersey born and raised” – like I say… nothing is in there without reason.

When Darlene became an off-the-grid hacker grrrl and near-impossible to find, Dom joined the FBI Cyber Divison as it was the only way she could track down her old flame!

You heard it here first!

9. Where are Trenton and Mobley?


Don’t worry – they’re alive. In Shipshewana, Indiana. Married. And Amish. With twin strapping daughters, named Elliot and Tyrell. They speak Pennsylvania Dutch to blend in.

10. Who was calling Joanna’s phone?

Or, in other words, what’s at 92, East 82nd Street? Mr Sutherland immediately recognized the address and was vehement Tyrell would not be at that location. How would he know that one location unless it was important? Unless he knows every apartment in the city (maybe he was New York’s best cab-driver in a previous life?) As we said recently, here at Mr Robot Hacks’ HQ, we believe that the swanky pad in gentrified Upper East Side belongs to Scott Knowles.

A word of warning, Scotty Knowles – you might wanna watch this video before threatening Stephanie Corneliussen from your home phone.

We haven’t seen Scott since the early episodes, and explaining where’s he’s been would make sense in the season finale. What does he want with Joanna? Well, considering he knows Tyrell (Elliot?) murdered his wife, it’s pretty obvious he’s out for revenge, served cold like a Scandinavian smorgasbord.

So that’s it folks, before the season finale, but be sure to check in when you’ve seen the show, but if I know anything about anything…expect more questions than answers!

Have a great day and ENJOY THE SEASON FINALE!!

See you tomorrow.