If I’m guilty of being a couchpotato nerd vampire, then TV is the audio, visual & emotional blood-fix I crave every second of every day.


However, I hate trawling thru dozens of websites to find the information I need to feed my addiction! So, I decided to harness my life-long passion and created couchpotato.buzz just for you… so now nobody needs to visit all those other, less fun sites.

What separates couchpotato from all those other film and TV sites? 

Well, for starters, couchpotato is only about TV. We may reference movies in our content but we don’t report on movies. Ever.

Nor are our reviews a lazily written recap of events in the episode you’ve just watched. Our reviews contain deep insight into storytelling, mythology, writing, direction and television-making techniques such as editing.

Couchpotato is for serious TV aficionados. If you’re a budding writer or director, you’ll love couchpotato even more. 


Where did this love of TV start? 


As a feral child, raised by wolves, having no real place to call home and no family to speak of, I lived in a world where Uncle Jesse from Hazzard County taught me to make moonshine and where police boxes were bigger on the inside.


I survived as The Littlest Hobo, went thru sixteen different flavors of hell and got by with a little help from my friends Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer. I would never, ever get on no plane, fool… but always, always went back for Bobbi’s Unicorn.


As a teenage Desperado, I drank my Earl Grey hot, learned The Facts of Life from Al and Peggy Bundy and hitched rides with Perfect Strangers from Eerie, Indiana to Beverly Hills, 90210. I moved in with my Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air, killed Laura Palmer and been abducted by aliens/mountain lions on a weekly basis. Oh boy


As an adult, I’ve been a Doctor who has slain vampires, worked in The Office, The Newsroom and Studio 60, crash-landed and been Lost on magical islands, curbed my enthusiasm, walked The Path, sworn oaths to President Josiah Bartlett, saved President David Palmer, reviled President Frank Underwood and traveled through time to prevent J.F.K.’s assassination. 


I’ve been 86’d from Al Swearengen’s whorehouse. I’ve ridden with SAMCRO, fornicated in Cali, used science (bitch!) to make crystal meth in ABQ, hacked Evil Corp in NYC, watched the money in that banana stand go up in smoke and witnessed 140 million people depart before my very eyes.


And yet, after all this time, everywhere I go, a part of me still has one eye out for that one-armed man wot murdered my wife…